I pride myself on being an honest and friendly blogger. I believe because of this readers find my content enjoyable to read.

Any items that have been sent to me as a gift are always marked with a asterisk (*).  If I received an item as a gift I will still always give my honest opinion, if the company have an issue with this then I am more than happy to return the item.  I will not just accept any item unless I deem it appropriate to what my readers would like and whether it is beneficial to them. I believe keeping the tone of my blog in check and how it is perceived is far more important, therefore any companies I chose to work with will always be carefully selected. 

If I do have a sponsored post or a giveaway on my blog this will always be marked as *sponsored post* at the bottom of the content, although again my views on these sponsored posts are my honest opinion and will never be dictated by anybody or any company.

I do have affiliate marketing items on my blog which are in conjunction with Affiliate Window. If I feature any items from those companies this will always be of my own accord and never swayed by the links.

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