Monday, 1 June 2015

Matalan AW15 | Press Day

Matalan fashion

I'm not always a huge fan of thinking of autumn/winter collections over spring/summer ones, especially when we're just about to head into the bloom of my favourite season. The life of the blogging and freelancing means you have to be one step ahead so you really do need to run with it. That aside I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by the Matalan AW15 collection which left me somewhat optimistic about what's to come, so I've decided to share a few pointers of what you need to watch out for.

patent white matalan

Matalan stores used to be very hit and miss depending on where you went to shop and therefore I never really bothered going in, but I assure you as (I'm very stubborn and when I don't like something I won't change my opinion) I've been rather gobsmacked about how much I like it in there now. The best thing for me about any brand like this is the cheeky fact you can look like you're wearing something totally high end, when in fact it's so cheap it can feel like you're robbing them! 

Shoes were something I picked up on at the last press day and it seemed to be stronger this time too. Their flat chunky plimsolls caught my eye but even more so was the patent white and metallic flats in the photo at the top.  A mere £12! £12! You can't grumble at those kind of prices.

Riding boots created a buzz amongst other journalists for their little adaptations for this season, with suede effects and buckles. Chunky fluffy jumpers, faux fur coats, oversized shopper bags (some in off pastel tones) and rich colours and textures everywhere. It was a warm winter heaven creating a serious 'snuggle up' vibe throughout.

For the first time I checked out the home items and again happily surprised at the range available and of course the prices. The only thing I will say is I struggle with seasonal ornaments because they can look a bit daft in spring time, but that being said  a lot of them were versatile.  Bed linen looked and felt of a good quality with dainty touches here and there.

Overall the footwear totally sold the collection to me on the fashion side, but the prices for home wear was a big plus especially as I'm going to be redecorating my home this year!


  1. I love those silver shoes and the fluffy jumper is cute. I'll definitely have to keep an eye out for them hitting the rails!! xxx

    1. I LOVE them... particularly the white ones! xx

  2. The first pair of metallic shoes are fabulous and I love that black bag. Great review.



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